"I Chew" Wins a 2016 Parents' Choice Award

I'm happy to report that "I Chew" won a 2016 Parents' Choice Award! Here's what they had to say about the album. . .

I Chew is Hullabaloo's latest offbeat offering. From the title track lament of a polar bear to the appreciation of the sounds of a plastic chicken rattle toy (Shake, Shake, Shake) and from a self-aware spoiled brat (I Can't Let it Go) to a gender neutral salute (I Wear Pink), the songs are fun, clear, witty, uncluttered and expertly performed.

Friends since kindergarten, Steve Denyes and Brenda Kremer make up the duo aka Hullabaloo. Here, Denyes writes, sings, and plays the guitar, ukulele and bass. Kremer sings, plays the cajon and snare drums. Shawn Rohlf accompanies with guitar, mandolin and banjo. 

A song about being thankful (Lucky Stars) and a new way to note a butterfly (Worm with Wings) deserve kudos to what Denyes and Kremer can accomplish in under a minute, and  Flowers on My Shirt is a tip of the hat to the style of the late great Johnny Cash. If you're among those who "didn't go to bed with a yodel in my head, but there's one in there now," this clever collection is clearly for you. 


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