In 2015. . .

We were told that "eat more tamales" doesn't count as a New Year's resolution so we've gone a different direction here at Hullabaloo World Headquarters. In 2015 we will:

. . .bring the Hullabaloo Family Arts Festival back to the Bernardo Winery.

. . .start a new concert series at the beautiful, new Waterfront Park in downtown San Diego.

. . .play a million libraries, backyard parties and theaters.

. . .record some new songs and set them loose in the world.

. . .remember to smile.

. . .and eat more tamales (See how we snuck that in! It's gonna be a good year.).



The Sullivan Family
January 17, 2015 @06:45 pm
Cole and Chloe are sitting here in VA wishing they could see Hullabaloo!! They want you to know how much they miss you! They hope you can make a concert on the East coast. We can never forget you because of the great songs. As dictated by Cole and Chloe (they have the flu and have been taking turns remembering their favorite Hullabaloo songs to pass the time)

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Every morning we wake up and thank our lucky stars that we get to go out and sing with you again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for singing along!!