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This great review from Common Sense Media just arrived on our cyber doorstep!

Parents need to know that Raise a Ruckus, from acclaimed and beloved children's musiciansHullabaloo, continues to raise the bar on songs for kids that not only encourage lots of movement and giggles, but also include mini-lessons the whole family can appreciate.

Hullabaloo continues their acclaimed storytelling songs with their 10th studio album, RAISE A RUCKUS. The 12 folk-country tracks from this beloved southern California band raise the roof on fun in the sun and rain, silly spelling, and even rocket shoes.

Whether it's swingin' like a chimpanzee or flying to the moon in fancy rocket shoes, Hullabalooknows how to capture the essence of childhood moments and put them to upbeat country beats that kids and parents can dance, giggle, and sing to. "Dad Upside Down" makes spelling silly and "Say Yes" proves the value of a good vocabulary, even for a preschooler. Musical storytelling and funny lyrics make Raise a Ruckus the perfect soundtrack for anytime fun.



October 23, 2013 @09:33 pm
I can't hear anihytng over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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