Shy Kid Blues Wins a 2015 Parents' Choice Award!!


Singer-musicians Steve Denyes and Brendan Kremer, collectively known as Hullabaloo, shape their new album around a message of inclusion and encouragement, and what is presumably an autobiographical story about two boys: quiet Steve--he barely makes a sound and is diagnosed with an acute case of the "shy kid blues"--and his noisy opposite, Brendan. The pair meet in kindergarten and become "Best Friends Forever (We're a mismatched pair, but that's just it/we're two pieces of a puzzle that just seem to fit)." Brendan coaxes Steve to come out of his shell, they find their calling when they join the fifth grade school band and form their own rock 'n roll duo. Their garage practice sessions don't thrill the neighbors, but "little by little, they started sounding pretty good," Brendan on drums and Steve on guitar. With a school talent show coming up, they need a singer. Or do they? With Brendan's encouragement, Steve finds his voice, Hullabaloo is a talent show hit and the pair's "You Can Do This" mantra shines through. 

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