Solstice Almostice


On December 20th at 4:00 p.m. we're hosting our annual Solstice sing-along. Due to travel plans, it'll actually be the day before the actual Winter Solstice. Hence the name. . . Solstice Almostice. 

It's a free show. We won't be selling CDs. No money changes hands. Everyone is invited. The whole idea is to just gather people to sing a variety of holiday and winter songs as the sun sets on the (almost) shortest day of the year.

It's not a political event nor a religious one. Just people gathering and singing together. 

Even though I'll be leading the songs, this isn't a Hullabaloo show. . .it's a sing-and-strum along. Everyone is invited to participate. Even if your singing and playing is a little rough around the edges! Click here to download a pdf of the song lyrics and guitar chords.

This year, we're adding a pot luck table. Bring a snack or treat to share if you can!

This whole thing takes place at Mission Bay just south of the Visitor's Center. Exit I-5 at Clairemont and head west. You'll see the Visitor's Center. You can park there or in the next lot to the south.

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Every morning we wake up and thank our lucky stars that we get to go out and sing with you again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for singing along!!