Thank You Family Man!

The Family Man recommended Raise a Ruckus this week along side some of our favorite kids music artists. It's an honor to be up there with Lunch Money, Elizabeth Mitchell and Melissa Green! Thank you Family Man!! Click here to read the review!

Steve Denyes and Brendan Kremer are the duo — who have been friends since kindergarten – known as Hullabaloo, who deliver their ninth album (there’s also a “Best Of” collection). Raise a Ruckus indeed offers plenty to sing and play about with its blend of country, rock, folk, and blues. Songs of humor and happiness abound, including the title track, “Look at You” (inviting kids to make animal sounds), “Trash is Treasure” (about a bird making the most of what’s thrown away), and “Rocket Shoes” (using sneakers to propel imagination). Guest appearances by the aforementioned Molly Ledford, Buck Howdy, Dennis Caplinger, and Marcy Marxer augment the rousing atmosphere.


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