What We're Planning for 2014

First Fridays at the Vine in 2014:

Starting this Friday, I’ll be at the Vine Theater/Bernardo Winery on the first Friday of every month at 11:00 a.m. This regular schedule will be much better than the hit-and-miss schedule we’ve had recently. And, the tamales at the farmer's market are fantastic so my resolution will be easy to keep!


More Monthly Concerts in 2014:

In addition to the monthly shows at the Vine, I’ll continue monthly shows at the Encinitas Community Center and the Scripps Mende Well Being Center in UTC. I’m also confirming dates for monthly shows at Art Soup, Kid Ventures (all three locations) and the Kensington Library.


Two Hullabaloo Festivals in 2014:

We’re planning two fabulous Hullabaloo festivals this year on May 31st and September 14th. Both festivals will be a blend of music, art, dance and more. And, we’ve got a few exciting new twists this year that we’ll announce very soon!


A New Album in 2014:

We’re heading back into the studio to record an album called Shy Kid Blues. It’s a mix of music and spoken word that tells one big story. I can’t wait to get this one out to you. I’m already calling it my favorite and it doesn’t even exist yet!

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