Taylor Swift can wait. Start your little ones on this country-pop album brimming with clever word play.” - People Magazine


Hullabaloo has been making music for kids and families for twenty years! They've performed their own brand of foot-stomping, wing-flapping, free-range, organic kid folk across the United States at large festivals and tiny backyard parties. Steve Denyes sings and strums the guitar, Shawn Rohlf plays the mandolin and Brendan Kremer holds it all together on the cajon. 

2018 - Top 10 New Family Music Albums, Phil's Picks

2016 - Red Tricycle "Totally Awesome Awards" National Top 10 Cool Kindie Artists

2016 - Parents' Choice Award for "I Chew"

2014 - Parents' Choice Award for "Shy Kid Blues"

2012 - Parents' Choice Award for "Raise a Ruckus"

2012 - NAPPA Gold Award for "Raise a Ruckus"

2011 - "Best Children's Music of 2011" -- Education.com

2011 - Parents, Choice Award for "Road Trip"

2011 - NAPPA Gold Award for "Road Trip"

2010 - Parents Magazine "10 Best Children's CDs of 2010"

2010 - Parents' Choice Award for "A Mighty Good Day"

2010 - NAPPA Gold Award for "A Mighty Good Day"

2008- Children's Music Web Award for "Tall as a Tree"

2008- Parents' Choice Award for "Tall as a Tree" 

2008- NAPPA Gold Award for "Tall as a Tree"

2007- Childrens Music Web Award for "Hey, Everybody!"

2007- Parents' Choice Award for "Hey, Everybody!"

2006- Parents' Choice Award for "Sing Along With Sam"